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Our firm represents a wide range of clients including business owners and entrepreneurs; professional athletes and public figures; and, anyone looking to purchase or sell a home or property.  Although every client has a unique set of circumstances and interests, the one thing that connects all of our clients is that they all receive the same quality service and treatment from our firm.  

Paul A. Youkhana accumulated over ten years of business experience by working and growing numerous businesses in Chicago; including a public parking company, hotel, and restaurants. In 2009 Mr. Youkhana entered the legal field when he took a job with a law firm before starting law school in 2010.  During his time in law school, Mr. Youkhana clerked for a law firm and envisioned one day starting his own firm.


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In 2014 Mr. Youkhana’s vision materialized when he left the firm he was at to start The Law Offices of Paul A. Youkhana.  With his client-friendly approach, attention to detail, and business experience Mr. Youkhana has started to build a strong reputation among his clients and colleagues. 

Paul A. Youkhana

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